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Customizable Your Name Bar Necklace Custom Jewelry Plated in 16k Rose Gold

Customizable Your Name Bar Necklace Custom Jewelry Plated in 16k Rose Gold

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    Chances are, you’ve received your fill of lazy and generic gifts over the years--junk that the gifter probably found at a random corner store and figured was ‘good enough’. Or even worse, something horribly impersonal like a gift card to a restaurant you don’t even like!

    While those low-effort presents might work for colleagues and other people you aren’t very close to, real friends and family deserve something more special.

    Give a truly memorable gift with these Customizable Your Name Bar Necklaces by Petite Boutique!

    When it comes to thoughtfulness, you can’t get much better than a present that literally has the other person’s name on it. We offer gorgeous handmade necklaces that are engraved with a message fully customized according to your directions. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and any other important event.

    Names aren’t the only thing customers can put on our custom necklaces! You can engrave things like a date that has special significance to you, a short saying to remember someone by, or even just the coordinates to your childhood home. The engraving is as meaningful as you make it. The chain length is also fully customizable.

    With its refined, classic design, our necklaces go with nearly any outfit. These are the perfect accessories to wear on a daily basis, so you know that they won’t just be gathering dust like so many other gifts.

    Not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose our personalized necklaces:

    ✅ Fully visible and legible font 1.5-2mm tall
    ✅ Choose between 2 beautiful fonts: gothic or handwritten
    ✅ Also available in gold or silver-plated
    ✅ Proudly USA Made

    Make a special someone smile. Add the Customizable Your Name Bar Necklaces by Petite Boutique to your cart TODAY!
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